Returning From War

Sleeping Beauty is an idealized analogy of returning World War II veterans and their wives. In this film, both the prince and princess live happily ever after at the end and undergo very little character change.e7a94286-a4e5-4426-86d9-51e1a2b26567

The two characters are static for the most part of the film. While the princess is asleep in pristine, unchanging beauty, the prince must fight Maleficent to rescue the princess. The prince represents the American man and the princess the American wife. Maleficent is the enemy and represents the war itself.sleeping-beauty-dragon

First, the prince’s Shield of Virtue and Sword of Truth represent democracy and capitalism. The prince uses these two tools to defeat Maleficent, who represents all things evil, which includes communism and fascism during the War. The prince’s fight is romanticized, and similarly returning veterans of WWII were treated as war heros.

Second, the princess represents how wives should receive returning veteran husbands. When the prince returns and finds the princess, he finds her unchanged both physically and psychologically. The same applies to the prince for the most part as well; although he theoretically aged, there is no significant change in appearance or demeanor.sleeping-beauty-55th-anniversary-feat-5

They both have the same burning desire they had for each other when they first met. When veterans return, wives were expected to have the same level of love and beauty as the time the husbands left to fight in the War.