Film: Dumbo (1941) 1hr. 3 min.

You can access the movie for free at this site:

Assigned Reading:

The Disadvantage of a Good Reputation: Disney as a Target for Social Problems Claims

Are Textbooks in Film Coming?

‘That Rags to Riches Stuff’: Disney’s Cinderella and the Cultural Space of Animation

Seeing White: Children of Color and the Disney Fairy Tale Princess

Public Pedagogy and Rodent Politics: Cultural Studies and the Challenge of Disney

Nostalgia, Ambivalence, Irony: “Song of the South” and Race Relations in 1946 Atlanta

Escape from Wonderland: Disney and the Female Imagination

Review Questions:

  1. Thinking about the roles of women we’ve observed in class, compare Disney Princesses today to their older counterparts, in terms of how they reflect the role of women in the time period.
  2. What characteristics of Song of the South divided public consensus on the movie, including the NAACP?
  3. What kind of “meanings, values, and tastes” does Giroux allude to Disney spreading?
  4. With Disney reaching children at such a critical period in development, should their content be more closely monitored by adults for themes of race and gender roles?
  5. Are Disney movies powerful enough to be considered visual “textbooks”?
  6. How are women portrayed in Dumbo?
  7. Provide examples of WWII imagery in Dumbo.